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Went to Angkor in early Feb and by end Feb I had the travel itch again, and due to the fact that I actually have to work and have a job and all that boring stuff, I planned not to take a trip at least through April. But that stay-put idea did not last long! Macau is just a few hours away from Singapore and supposedly a good weekend trip.

Macau was a Portuguese colony, strangely Chinese now, with American casinos. All sorts of surreal.
A little bit of history and architecture, but mostly big garish casinos. Have a look at the photos to get a feel for the city. Photos from the trip

The most interesting thing about Macau was what happened to me at the airport. Feeling all sorts of happy to get home, I walk up to the counter at 1pm and the lady tells me that the flight is not till 9.30 at night and my reservation shows 2.30 in the afternoon. Hmmm...and then I realize, goofus me, that I booked my return ticket on the wrong date! So, my first reaction is to text a friend and say "Dont tell anyone how stupid I am!" Dont ever admit to idiocy like this. And absolutely deny this.

I spent the next 6 hours at the airport coming up with wild stories about how fun Macau is and that's why I decided to stay longer...just to avoid feeling foolish about a wrong reservation. I was reminded me about the time my dad booked a ticket for me on the wrong date, and how all of us had a good laugh at his expensive and made it a grand family joke. And now, I was the family joke. I really wonder what it is about us that makes us not want to own up to our silliness - the fact that looking silly is not comfortable? I know, in my case I was just fed up with myself. Come on, I am the one who has a long blog entry about losing my passport, so someone should think that I would have the common sense to book a ticket on the right date. My head was hurting, I was feeling sick, and all I could think of was lying to my friends and family about a delayed flight. Really!

I beat myself up about this and by the time I landed at 2am, I was completely torn between denying all foolishness or coming clean that this was actually quite funny. Well, no more tickets shall ever be booked wrongly again, me is certain. That's the sort of mistake you don't make twice, yeah?

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I’m sorry to tell you that I beat you! This is actually my specialty… You are not alone! ;-) It already happened 2 times these last 12 months.
So, now I wonder how many people have never missed a train/plane, or booked a ticket for the wrong date, or just did not show up at a meeting/appointment because they made a confusion with the time/date…?
Bottom line: Busy minds in busy bodies living in busy cities lead to confusion!

by A travel buddy

Making mistakes is human and not wanting to admit is more human.So all of us must remember that its such silly errors that keep us bonded in brotherhood. No one is infallible is quite a leveller, dont you think? Sense of humor will always help tide over such goof ups.

by usha

Ed - I did it again...sort of. We booked tickets for June and I may not be around Asia in June! So you are right, busy minds in busy bodies making so many decisions...

Mom - really, you think I am not infallible?! I thought you thought that I am Superwoman, completely infallible and invincible, cape and all.

by Goofy9

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